Does it have a microphone?

Yes. Both VocalSkull headphones and VocalSkull sunglasses have the built-in microphone, with which you can easily communicate with your friends.

Are they loud enough to hear on a motorcycle?

Of course. Thanks to our second generation of bone conduction technology, we’ve managed to increase the maximum volume while maintain the sound leakage to a relatively low level.

I'm nearsighted. Do the sunglasses come with myopic lenses?

No. But the lenses of our sunglasses are replaceable. Just go to your local optical shop and get your prescription lenses installed in the sunglasses nice and easy.

What about the sound leakage? Does it get any better?

Absolutely! We are quite confident in our second generation bone conduction technology as it has decreased the leak by 70% comparing to last generation. However, you might want to know that due to the unique sound producing mechanism of bone conduction, there still could be some leak when the volume is adjusted to or near maximum.

Do you ship to Paris?

Sure. We have global delivery to more than a hundred countries around the world.

Why do I feel strong vibration when volume is set to maximum?

Because bone conduction sends sound to the internal ear through the cranial bone, the higher the volume, the stronger the vibration. Under normal circumstances we recommend setting the volume to 60%.

Why can I still hear music after taking off the headphone?

The vibration of the bone conduction also transmits through the outer shell of the headphone. The shell has two planes perpendicular to the vibration direction and thus could effectively provide vibration energy transmission.The silicone side of the vibrator is tightly put to the cheekbones, making the conduction possible while the other side is exposed in the air,pushing the air and forming resonance, which is what we call a sound leakage. Sound leakage is very little at moderate or low volume. In fact most of the headphones on the market have different degrees of sound leakage at high volume. VocalSkull has already reduced a large percent of the leakage with the latest technology. One way to tell whether your headphone is bone conduction transmitting or not is by put your fingers in your ears to stop air condution. If you could still hear the sound of your headset clearly, it’s bone condution.

Will the headset fall off if I wear it when exercising?

The Vocal X open ear headphone adpots brand new industrial design, distributing the total weight equally to the whole body of the headset and perfectly fitting the head shape.Therefore it prvides solid reliability and comfort.

What is it that's so special about VocalSkull bone conduction headphones and sunglasses?

Safety: VocalSkull headphones and sunglasses deliver sound to you with your ears open. You will be fully aware of the surrounding environment while engaging in outdoor activities such as running, climbing and cycling, thus enhance saftety.
Health: The usual in-ear headsets are plugged into your ear canal, which is highly likely to form a humid, enclosed environment becoming a breeding ground for bacteria and consequently causing otology diseases. With VocalSkull technology the soundwave does not go through ear canal and eardrum and for this reason ears will stay nice and clean.
Comfort: Thanks to the open ear design, there won’t be any discomfort after extended wearing time.
Water resistance: Both the headset and sunglasses are IP67 certificated. With the new water resistance design, common raining and sweating could easily be handled.

Will bone conduction vibration jeopardize my teeth and bones?

Not at all. Bone conduction headphones have been used for more than a decade in military and medical fields. The sound we hear when brushing our teeth and eating are also bone conducted. The same thing also happens as when we are talking.

What's bone conduction's sound quality like comparing to traditional headphones?

Due to the transmitting differences, bone conduction is not able to form the same enhanced sound resonance within ear canal. We’ve also sacrificed some sound quality for better comfort by reducing low frequency vibration. However, among all the bone conduction products ours are still one of the best.